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 Combathearts GM/DEV APP

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PostSubject: Combathearts GM/DEV APP   Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:45 pm

1.Full Name: Hassan Siddiqui

2.Nick name: Shorty

3.Forum/In-Game Name: Combatheart

4.Age: 14 almost 15

5.Location: Canada, Ontario

6.Time Zone: Eastern Canada GMT -5

7.Hours online: 4-7 hours Smile

8.Have you been a Developer in other servers? Put the name of the server.
Admin in eurogunz (when it wasnt famous)
X-GunZ Co-owner
A lot more but they all dead

9.Proof: I dont got proof for servers Sad like i said it wasnt famous so ye

10.Your custom works:

11.How can you help in the community?
I hate hackers, spammers, etc. and i wish to ban all of them, i will be active help anyone that needs help and a lot more

12.For you, what are the most important things a Developer must do? State 5 reasons:

1.Make Weapons
2.Stay Active
3.Help people
4.Ban Hackers
5.Respect everyone (obey every rule)


Hey all.

My Application is for: Dev/GM

Name: Hassan Siddiqui
Age: 14
Msn: hassan3b@hotmailxxx:
Nickname: Shorty

Where do I Live?:

Country: Canada
State: Ontario
City: Mississauga

When did I join GunZ?: around 2-4 years

Who told me about GunZ?: No one

When did I first started making stuff?: a while ago

Languages I speak?:

- Urdu
- Hindi
- French
- English

TimeZone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Why I want to be Dev/GM: Well in my view this server is going awesome, building good. I think I can help advertise and bring popularity to this server which can help this server grow also I don't want to see any hackers ingame so I can prevent hackers from coming to this server by banning them which is easy. I can also make weapons

Why you should choose me as Dev:

- I am really active
- I am respectfull
- I am nice
- I am helpfull
- I can bring popularity to server
- I make weapons
- I can prevent hackers from coming in
- I can also prevent swappers, glitchers from coming in
- I am responsible
- I am mature
- I am sharp

What can I do?:

I can make:

- Make Weapons
-Loading Screens

I worked with alot of different forums and am pretty experienced with Forummotion, phpbb, Invision, Vbulletin, Zango, and alot more.

I can also code a bit using tuts, like make gunz servers which i have done in past 2-3 years.

Previous Experience:

Look in your app

Proof: Look in your app

Ending Sentence: well i just want to say that i can try my best to help this server out, and will look forward to my answer.

Yours Truly,
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Combathearts GM/DEV APP
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